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If you looking for some SFX commissions DM me Le CroNux#9542 I don't pay any price, also I am a beginner so don't expect much it might take some days to work on your animation, thank you.


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MrVC's News

Posted by MrVC - 2 days ago

It's finally here


Madness Interactive: Strinking back trailer Is here

Posted by MrVC - 2 weeks ago

Progress of the collab:

The trailer is done but no progress on the movie

about me:

Since school came up I was really busy to animate and I was thinking of taking a break of animating and focus more on drawing for no actual reason, it's really great to draw stuff anyways here are some of the drawings i made during these 2 days or 1 day you can say lol






Madness Tribulation II

Search for their movies they are great, and thats what i have ok bye1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!//

Posted by MrVC - April 13th, 2021

Hello gals, I present you madness Interactive: Striking Back Collab! we will be Introducing you the official trailer at 10th of june, get hyped because this Is going to be epic. Sheriff once again striked back to steal that pie! but this time, More action, brand whole new classic maps and a BRAND NEW BOSS!!

Here's a sneak peak but...

Till then... iu_277802_6767151.png

Posted by MrVC - April 10th, 2021

Hello, many of you don't even care but where I have been?, well... here

Today I decided on making a collab for Sempteber 22nd the collab Is called Madness Interactive: Striking Back and I am trying for It to go In Madness Day It's time to bring the nostalgia back In action

Madness Interactive: Striking Back

Comes at semptember 22nd get ready because I believe this collab will be awesome!

Here's my current news that's all and I will see you at the next post and probably more news about the collab

Goodbye for now

Posted by MrVC - January 24th, 2021

I got my account back.

K bye

Posted by MrVC - January 11th, 2021

Ηello, If your reading this I am In serious trouble...

Recently my account In discord got suspended of a hacker making me spam for no actual reason, please watch out before It happens to you I am contacting discord At this moment and god I wish I will get my account back, I hope you understand I am In hard times and really stressed that I lost my account, please Inform others too.

Thank you.




Posted by MrVC - January 2nd, 2021

Well hello! been a while Isn't It?

Happy new year to all of you! I wish the best for everyone. Cronux got you some news of the mine FIRST project of all the time! KJ Revenge Is the name. the date Isn't actually confirmed but I can tell you that's going to be awesome for some of you, I might delay for some time because of the school... Well, I don't need to worry MD21 Is far away and I think I am going to post It at MD21, have a happy new year, and stay safe.

For now, take some progress.




Posted by MrVC - September 21st, 2020

Another Year another amazing videos with have to watch, thanks to our legend krinkles who made this show and made us what we are today.

Also to some friends below

KJ: KJ might be the best guy In the madness community still If he stole something, my first friend In this community as I know Thank you KJ!.

Sunny: Man you're Improving fast I can't beleve that you became better than me In months lol thanks for supportning me and hope for the best

Shnoz: Thanks for the tutorial!



Zhou: Man you're just awesome, thanks for helping me and hope for the best of you!.

Kanp: Funni comedi and best boi

Zombiedude: Man you're amazing you're just like KJ thank you for supporting me

Alek: Thanks for supportning!!.

Eastly: Man even If you strict I still like you and I think you're the best!

Metric: Man It's been so many 2 years already for meeting It's a pleasure to meet you thank you.

Stheromax: Man thanks for supportning

Zach and Aireyez: You two funni

Alpha: Noice animations pal keep going!

CRYYN: Moosic make sure you follow

RhoAlias: Man you're just awesome and thanks for the useful tips, you're the best like the others

Krinkles: You might be the best person I have ever saw you made us come here to become what we are today we will support you and happy madness day pal

Apex: One of the awesomeness guys and one of the first friends of this community thank you so much for supportning me for over three years thank you apex you're just awesome

TMV members: Thanks for supporting me this months a big thank you to all of TMV members hope for the best!.

Burney: Amazing boi and funni comedi

wdbittle: Also a great guy as Burney and funni

VLD_DVI: No words can describe this amazing person the trilogy of KJ, Apex and VLD_DVI are completed the three amazing friends

And thank YOU for supporting me over 3 years of progression, love you y'all

Happy madness day all !




Posted by MrVC - August 4th, 2020

Here If you want to die ;D

KanP make the Pain stop please


Posted by MrVC - July 17th, 2020

First: I'm not quiting I'm staying


Recently fellows said that I must change name and stuff stuff, well my Friend ZombieDude who supports me a lot these last days, came up with a good name "Cronux" We decided that old Mr.VC will get to heaven R.I.P. old name


Ight, so you shall not call me Mr.VC anymore because the new name will be Cronux! as It's more C o o l name. Everyone like that I saw so I will keep the name.

Alright I want you to call me Cronux not Mr.VC Because If you do I will steal your orgrans ^-^ Jk jk

nvm stay safe out there

-Cronux ;)